RabbitAir filters

Are Certified Vacuums & Air Cleaners Better for Seniors? Part II

I can smell dog fur when I vacuum the carpet. This means my vacuum cleaner is sucking in dog fur, ...
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How Do I Choose a Rollator?

How Do I Choose a Rollator?

The airline broke my mother's rollator. She really didn't like the vacation replacement rollator I got her. It was too ...
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Travel Scooter

7 Things You Need to Know About Traveling with Your Mobility Scooter

My town fixed all the sidewalks to be wheelchair friendly. I think there are two wheelchair users here, but it ...
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Mobility Scooter

What You Ought to Know About Mobility Scooters Before Buying

I've been putting off bunion surgery for 30 years. I'm finally going to do it. I'll be off the left ...
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Cooking gadgets to maintain independence

36 Adaptive Kitchen Gadgets You Need to Keep You Independent

As my mother aged, her hands ached, and her vision grew dimmer. She stopped buying foods she found difficult to ...
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Patients often decline after a hip fracture.

How Preventing a Hip Fracture Can Save Your Life

The third time my aunt fell down, I asked if I could send her a giant roll of bubble wrap ...
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Senior phone check in service

What is a Senior Daily Check-In Service?

I called my mother every day that I could. I always hoped my brother or sister had checked on her, ...
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Medical alert button

The Unbiased Guide to Choosing a Medical Alert System

I was so proud of my mom when she got herself her own Medical Alert System. But I was surprised ...
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Use a dressing stick to take off socks

Simple Devices to Help You with Pants, Shoes & Socks (pics)

Have you ever ordered something you did not mean to buy? I got two pairs of New Balance sneakers last ...
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Adjustable Bed

Why I Am Buying an Adjustable Bed (Plus a Bonus GERD Remedy!)

I put a halt to a lifetime of discomfort and pain when I was 38 years old. That was the ...
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As you stand up, the Seat Assist offers a gentle push. Reverse these pictures for how to use the Seat Assist to sit down.

Trouble Sitting or Standing? 6 Reliable Devices that Help

My grandfather lent us his high-end recliner for my spinal surgery recovery. This way I could avoid the stairs to ...
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6 Ways for Seniors to Conquer Loneliness and Feel Connected

6 Ways for Seniors to Conquer Loneliness and Feel Connected

Last summer my neighbors lost their sweet little dog to the Rainbow Bridge. Their only daughter was working 400 miles ...
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10 Aging in Place Home Modifications to Keep You Safe

10 Simple Aging in Place Ideas to Keep You Safe (with Pictures!)

My mother visited every summer. We modified a step to make it easier to climb. As Mom no longer wanted ...
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Instantly drop in on mom

Four Outstanding Ways to Use Alexa for the Elderly

Taking care of Mom or Dad is by far the hardest and most important job we have. But it's hard, ...
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Blue weighted blanket

Should Seniors Use Weighted Blankets?

Have you ever gotten something in your eye that just wouldn't come out? That happened to me the other day ...
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"Free" Elder Care

Is Elder Helpers a Legitimate Organization?

"One of the elders I helped was almost blind but loved to read so much, so I would read to ...
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Senior cat allergies

What is the Best Allergy Device for Seniors? Part I: Air Cleaners

My 15-year-old kitty is lying on my arm as I type. Yes, I am allergic to him. Yes, I allow ...
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Senior checking AFib at home

How Can Seniors Check for AFib at Home?

Your mom went to the emergency room with a severely racing heart. Nurses attached 12 electrodes to her chest, arms, ...
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Security for the elderly living alone.

Security for the Elderly Living Alone

I have noticed that very few of the grandmas I meet are current with their self-defense training. Making sure mom ...
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Microwave bump dots

What are Tactile, Low-Vision, Non-Optical Devices?

Optical vision aids use glass and light, things that directly affect vision. Low-vision non-optical devices use other senses besides sight ...
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Large print bible

The Giant List of Large Print Bibles for Low Sight Seniors

People who lose vision get depressed because they lose their favorite activities. For many people, their favorite activity is reading ...
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Floor stand magnifier for reading

What is the Best Magnifier for Reading Books?

My mother's eyes actually got better as she got older. That is one of those weird things that happens sometimes ...
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Do Bed Exit Alarms Prevent Falls?

Do Bed Alarms Prevent Falls?

Hospital staff rarely insisted on putting up guardrails on my mother's bed. Things changed at the rehabilitation facility. The staff ...
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Prevent hospital stays by preventing falling

How to Prevent Falls

I was proud and shocked when my 77 year old mother hired a personal trainer. I was proud because she ...
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The unit sits around the neck. The control is on the right. The buds go in the ears.

Enhance Conversations with Bose Hearphones

I've always had a problem hearing people in restaurants. When I was much younger, I did look into getting hearing ...
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