Best Tactile Stickers

Best Low Vision, Non-Optical Devices: Tactile Stickers

Bump dots and tactile stickers are simple ways to make a big difference to low-vision seniors. They help you to turn the oven to the right temperature, and push the right button on the phone.

You can create embossed labels on your own using an older type of label maker. I suggest putting a space between each letter in order to give your fingers enough room to discern the label symbols.

For the TV remote, it might be easier to get a simpler remote, or a jumbo TV controller.

Below are some of the best examples of these low vision non-optical devices for you to view.

Bump Dots Red and Orange Bump Dots, Three Sizes Orange and red bump dot stickers
Bump Dots Colored Bump Dots, 5 Shapes 5 Shapes Bump Dots
TV Remote The Flipper Flipper TV Remote
TV Remote QFX Remote The jumbo QFX TV Remote
Tactile Stickers Halos Microwave Stickers Microwave tactile stickers
Tactile Stickers Halos Washing Machine Stickers Washer tactile stickers
Tactile Stickers Halos Oven Stickers Oven tactile stickers
Tactile Stickers Tactile Identifying Crystals Tactile identifying crystals letters numbers stickers
Label Maker MoTEX Embossing Label Maker Embossing label maker
Video How to Bump Dot a Stove for a Blind Person

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